• Physicians, that will visit you today - in your home, at your office or at your hotel
  • For privately insured customers, most private insurances cover the costs
  • For self-pay patients, we are happy to send you a quote
  • In case of urgent problems, small injuries, infections or chronical illnesses


aPRImed - your medical on-call service

Our medical service offers on-call experienced physicians to assist with medical urgencies, sudden sickness, infections or small injuries 24/7. Wherever you are - at home, in the office or at a hotel


Have a look how easy it can be:


You can contact our call center 24 hours a day at the following number: 0800 277 46 33 (free of charge). Our call center will immediately contact the right doctor on duty, who will then call you directly and will visit you on the same day, as soon as possible  – where and when it is most comfortable for you.

Everybody can use our medical on-call service. It does not matter if you have private or public insurance or if you are insured in another country. The treatment costs  are in accordance with the official German fee structure of physicians (GOÄ). After 2 to 4 working days you will receive a detailed and transparent invoice from our medical billing point, which is usually 100% covered by your private insurance.


Dr. med. Martin Motzo Ärztlicher Leiter

Dr. med. Martin Motzo
Facharzt für Orthopädie, praktischer Arzt, Leitender Notarzt, Arzt für Notfallmedizin

If you have additional questions about our on-call medical service, you can reach us free of charge at 0800 277 46 33, from abroad the number +49 89 729 594 33 can be used. Feel free to consult our FAQ page, which should address most of your concerns.